Simply Music Piano Method

The cornerstone of WOW! Music Studios’ piano curriculum is the revolutionary Simply Music© piano and keyboard method. Developed in Australia and licensed to WOW! Music Studios, this method has delivered unprecedented results since its 1998 U.S. launch, results far beyond what was believed possible with music education.

Simply Music is a “playing-based” program, which is much more natural than the reading-based approach. With Simply Music, students “learn by doing” – they begin by playing songs. Students play rich-sounding, sophisticated contemporary, classical, blues and accompaniment songs – right from the very start. Formal music reading is delayed initially, though subtle elements are introduced at the beginning stages. Students quickly become comfortable playing the instrument first, experiencing the pure joy of playing music and keeping interest high. For more information, please visit the Simply Music website:http://simplymusic.com/

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WOW! Guitar Method

With WOW! Music Studios’ innovative guitar method, students not only learn to play guitar faster and more easily, but also gain a full music education through an in-depth and thorough curriculum. The WOW! Guitar Method is more than just another variation of traditional guitar teaching methods; it is a multi-media education curriculum that uses an intuitive approach to teaching students to play the guitar. At WOW!, guitar students begin learning to play through a fun, yet systematic approach that is easier and more natural, generating faster and more effective results. Students not only play rich-sounding songs from broad genres of music - but also learn to improvise and compose music – right from the very start.

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With drum lessons at WOW! Music Studios, students learn a combination of proper technique, music theory, creativity, and coordination. Students gain a complete music education while also accomplishing personal goals. Instruction is customized to each individual student; this includes not only a student's personal goals but also how he or she learns. Some students pick up written notation immediately while others have a strong ear for music. Lessons start off catering to students’ strengths while also introducing new methods of learning. This helps to create an environment where the student is gaining confidence while also being challenged with new ideas and concepts.

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Your voice is a unique instrument that only you have. No two voices are identical! Taking voice lessons and practicing with care can help develop healthy vocal technique for a lifetime of good singing. Our approach is to support each student’s singing goals -- whether those are to sing without getting hoarse, to develop the skills to sing in a band, to prepare for an audition for a musical, to gain confidence to sing in the talent show, or a range of other milestones. Whatever your skill level is, we'll work together to help you get to the next step. Many singers lack the musical knowledge it takes to sing with a band or to easily learn a new song on their own. Working on the basics of rhythm, pitch, and musical notation to understand the components of a song helps singers become well-rounded, confident musicians. Students can choose their own songs or those recommended by the instructor.

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With their small portable size and ease of playing, ukulele is rapidly becoming one of the most popular instruments to learn to play! WOW's ukulele program focuses on learning to quickly and easily begin playing songs right from the very beginning, tapping into each person's natural musicality in a fun and natural way - it's the aloha instrument!

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