The Power of Music

The Power of Playing Music

Music is more than just a fun pastime. Researchers are proving what educators and the medical community have long suspected: There is real power in playing music. For children, playing music has the power to improve learning abilities, confidence, and self-esteem. For adults and seniors, playing music has the power to relieve stress, improve memory, and even help heal.

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Check out these stats:

Do Better in School

Music Students average GPA:

Non-Music Students average GPA:

Source: School Music Today

Better SAT Scores

Music Students Scores Higher than Non-Music Students

+57 Points
on Reading
+41 Points
on Math

Source:Profile of SAT and achievement Test Takers. The College Board, compiled by Music Educators National Conference, 2001

Better Problem

According to a Harvard University study, spatial-temporal reasoning--the ability to solve and put things together into a whole--improveswhen children learn to make music

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Watch how playing music lights up the entire human brain, and why learning to play music literally makes you smarter.

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